Friendly Fronts Toolkit

Places, like people, have personalities. They can be warm and inviting or they can be desolate and cold. Continuing this metaphor, if your business is a body, your storefront is its face. The storefront is the border that binds the public world of sidewalks and customers to the goods, services, employees, and owners within. Just as a human face communicates a dynamic array of information, reflecting our constantly changing feelings, so does a storefront reflect the values, personalities, and organizations within.

What does your storefront and the storefronts of your community communicate? Do they reflect a sense
of invitation, respect, and joy? Or do the storefronts make one feel like a commodity, merely a “consumer”, someone to transact but not form a relationship with? Just as a smiling face invites conversation, does your storefront call potential customers to community and commerce within?

No matter where you or your community falls along this spectrum, this toolkit provides you—and entire retail districts—with an easy, fun, and effective path to create community and drive commercial activity, one Friendly Storefront at a time.

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