Dale and Jane's Itinerary

Greetings on this fine and glorious day in Hopkins, Minnesota, the City known by all as the small town in a big city. 

Our Saturday usually begins with Dale walking around Hopkins for approximately an hour, greeting other townspeople out walking on beautiful tree-lined residential streets, or sometimes he’ll go down the easily accessible trails.  Jane and Dale Mainstreet

We love to go to Hoagie's for Saturday morning breakfast. Hance Hardware is a frequent stop for us, always having in stock the odd screw or pin we need. From there we pick up a few groceries from Driskill’s Downtown Market, enjoying the bakery smell throughout the store.

On those special days when the grandkids stay with us, their visit is never without a stop at kiddywampus to pick out a unique and fun toy thanks to Nana and Bompa. On really special occasions, we attend a performance at the Stages Theatre Company right in the Hopkins Center for the Arts venue. The grandkids always love their productions and look forward to those special times.  

For a special treat after, we all meander down to Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe, where Linna gets her favorite treat, the macarons. Jimmy likes the plain vanilla cupcakes, and Tony likes the chocolate cupcakes (and the more frosting, the better).

Dale and I attend mass at St. Gabriel’s the Archangel Catholic Church every Saturday at 4:30.  After mass, we go out to dinner to one of the many restaurant choices in Hopkins: Mainstreet Bar and Grill, Thirty Bales, Pub 819, Cam Ranh Bay, and Tuttle’s, to name a few. 

After dinner, it’s home for the night to our quiet neighborhood to visit with friends and neighbors on our deck and enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness we are blessed to call home.

Then it’s off to bed to rest to begin another day in our little town.