14. 1000 Block Mainstreet

14 1000 Block Mainstreet

Historic Walking TourHopkins was still such a small town in 1958 that when Kokesh Hardware (1001-1005) wanted to rebuild on that site, they moved the old building onto 10th Avenue and ran the business from the middle of the street during construction.

14 Hardware Store

At 1009-1011, the Hennepin County Review newspaper editor, Jim Markham, was a strong Hopkins booster who organized the first Raspberry Festival in 1935. The Hopkins Historical Society's collection of these early newspapers is a genuine town treasure.

Dahlberg Ford at 1017-1023 was an institution on Mainstreet in the era when American cars reigned. In 1962, there were 6 major car dealer showrooms and 12 auto sales lots on Mainstreet.